A Simple Way to Clean your Wax Warmer

A Simple Way to Clean your Wax Warmer

Time to change out your wax from your warmer and replace it with fresh wax?

We know cleaning out your wax melt warmer can be a pain and very messy.

We've listed a simple way that will make changing out the wax from your warmer easy. 

This method is good if you don’t want to touch the hot dish with your hands.

1. Turn the warmer off. (If the wax isn’t still hot and liquidy, heat it back up)

2. Dip two cotton balls into the liquid wax. It will soak up some wax. Continue until the wax is all soaked up by the cotton balls.

3. Once the wax is mostly soaked up, wipe any remaining residue then replace with a fresh melt.

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