Purchase with a Purpose

Purchase with a Purpose

Make a Difference with Your Purchase

In 2024, Anjelic Scents is committed to empowering single mothers through our community partnership with the local non-profit organization Women of Endurance. A share of the proceeds from every purchase made at Anjelic Scents will be contributed quarterly to aid these resilient women in transforming challenges into triumphs, paving their path to independence. Your choice to shop with us helps fund initiatives that eliminate obstacles to self-reliance. Thank you for being a supporter of change with each scent you choose.

Your purchase gives hope ♡
THE MISSION IS THE JOURNEY..... To assist single mothers with turning devastation into determination by eliminating barriers to self-sufficiency.

THE VISION IS THE DESTINATION.... To be the organization single mothers seek in their time of need to get back on their feet.




    Leadership Team
    • President: NaQuetta Mitchell
    • Vice President of Finance: Lindsey Dougherty
    • Director of Development: Bianca Stewart-Williams
    • Vice President of Operations: Gerald Napper
    Governing Board
    • Director of Fundraising: Qiana Turner
    • Director of Outreach: Eleisha Davis
    • Director of Outreach: Tracie Baines
    • Director of Health & Wellness: Latoya Ford


    Want to go beyond making a purchase? You can directly contribute to the empowering mission of Women of Endurance by donating. Please use the QR code below or click: donate to offer generous support. Every donation, big or small, makes a significant impact and brings us closer to a world where single mothers can confidently embrace self-sufficiency. Join us in turning compassion into action today.

    Join the journey and be part of a supportive community by following Women of Endurance on Facebook and Instagram. Engage with stories of strength, share messages of encouragement, and stay updated on how they are making a difference.